Jesper has been an external consultant for the sales team. He has in an excellent manner been able to make the individual employee aware of all the phases that exists in sales, which in short time has proven very successful, not only in theory but also practice. Customers and colleagues feel a change for the better regarding their actions in sales and their questioning technique. I only have the highest praise for Jesper.

- Exam. Underwriter.


I have had the pleasure of contributing to one of Jesper’s long term projects. It was clear that his engagement and ability to motivate has had a major, positive impact on the client. This was not only visible in the results of a company analysis that I conducted, but also in the way that the management group greeted Jesper. The analysis showed allround improvement, and it has been an absolute pleasure to see Jespers positive impact work in practice and move company boundaries.

Process Management Consultant


Jesper got our brains working and made us laugh, when he taught us how to improve our teamwork and distribute the workload across the organisation. Through exercises, tests and a very engaging communication technique, the participants were inspired to improve their understanding of themselves and those around them. As an example we were taught that there is a big difference as to whether you are an enthusiast, who seeks influence; a practician, who seeks results; a supporter who seeks teamwork; or an analyst, who seeks quality and precision. Jesper’s message was, that the best team, is one which consists of all four profiles. His message and course significantly improved our teamwork.

National congress for Save the Children, Denmark


After completing the MPA-profile test, which was followed up with a face-to-face meeting, I want to express my deepest gratitude for an inspiring and thorough course, which by far exceeded my expectations. I hope that more people will make use of this opportunity as I have received an interesting and useful personal analysis, which definitely will help me improve from here on.

Solution Business Manager


I have had the pleasure of using Jesper’s expertise many times in management development. Each and every time Jesper has tailored a personal and purposeful course, which accommodates our specific challenges. The courses have always been very professional and goal-oriented, and rooted in our challenges and our company culture.

Logistics Manager


Thank you for a very pleasant day! You hit the mark! We have been discussing it all day, and you have given many people food for thought. It was a very exciting and well-structured course. Simple and logical. I am looking forward to putting everything I learned into practice, and I will start using the tools you gave us right away. I can definitely recommend Jesper.

- Owner, Dentist

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